I'm very glad you found my website!   It has taken me a long time to transition into this phase of my life.  I have been working very hard as an educator for 20+ years.  I have had a very fulfilling career in helping many young people learn to empower themselves through a sound education.  This is still a very big part of my life.  


However, I have also had a very natural ability in helping others.  I have spent a lifetime gravitating towards those that need help.  People in need always seem to find me, or I find them every time I'm at a social gathering.  The conversation usually ends up with the person sharing their most intimate details about their life that needs fixing.  Then it happens.  I'll receive pieces of information that seems to be specially tailored for the person sitting next to me, and I share it.  The person smiles and is thankful for my listening to them, and we part ways with the person feeling lighter in spirit and in a much better mood than how I found them.


 I've always wondered how the information could come to me so quickly, and where did it come from?  That question was answered definitively in January of 2005 when my best friend was killed in a car wreck.   After her funeral I initiated a difficult and fervent prayer session with God.  I demanded (yes, demanded!) that I be able to talk to and hear back from my best friend.  Knowing that my life has been peppered with various unexplainable and spiritual events, I knew that this request could be met with positive results.  After this passionate conversation I went to bed and had the most amazing dream!  My best friend, Elia, visited me in a heavenly place within a beautiful bank of clouds.  She was dressed in a dazzling white, shimmery dress.  Her face was so young looking and vibrant!  Her eyes were a deep brown and so loving.  She sat down with me at this table in the clouds, took my hands in hers, and said, "You have been a loving wife, a terrific mother, and a wonderful teacher. But, there is something else you're going to do."  This instantly perplexed me.  I asked her, "What, Elia?"  She looked at me and smiled.  Then I woke up.  When I sat up in bed I knew that she and I had talked for hours, because it was no longer ten p.m. at night when I first started having the dream.  It was past nine a.m. the next morning, and I sat up to observe a sun-filled bedroom and noticed that I had visited with my best friend for hours. 


I knew intuitively that my next purpose in life would be to share the gifts of mediumship and counseling with others.  I love talking to people, especially those in need of guidance and want the help of someone with my gifts.


Therefore, let me help you!  If you're grieving the loss of a loved one or would like to receive information regarding the next step in your life, please use the contact information provided below to set up an appointment.  I'm ready to provide guidance.

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