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Individual Private Readings:
For the safety of everyone involved, individual private readings are done by phone.  When you set up your appointment, please let me know how much time you'd like.  
45 minute session = $95
60 minute session = $125
90 minute session = $150

Learn How to Heighten Your Intuition:
I have had requests in the past from people who want to learn how to heighten their intuition. I am now offering on hour sessions for people who want to visit with me to learn how to heighten their intuition.  I will share with you how I was able to "tune in" and the exercises that I do to tap into positive energy.  In your e-mail, let me know that you're wanting a session on how to heighten your intuition.    

Gift Certificates:
I have gift certificates if you would like to pay for a reading for someone special.  Please use to send me an e-mail address of where you want the gift certificate sent and the name of the person receiving the reading.  I will send the gift certificate to you or the person receiving the gift certificate through the e-mail you provide.   The person receiving the reading can then e-mail me and we can set up an appointment.


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