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The Beginning of Something Beautiful

"How did you know?

This question was asked by my mom one night when I shared information about a friend that I couldn't have possibly known.  I was crying as I explained to her that the guy I was dating lied to me about his plans to pick up an extra shift and was actually in a nightclub in downtown Austin.  She asked me if I was sure and how did I know.  I told her that during the date he told me that I had to leave early, because he had picked up an extra shift at work.  He wanted me to go  home, so he could take a nap and then go to work the late shift.  I described to my mom that a video instantly played in my head and showed me that he was going to go to a nightclub instead.  In the vision he was standing up against a bar that was very dark, yet lit up with strobe lights.  I psychically heard the steady beat of the deep base notes that seemed to pulse in my head. I also saw people around him that were there for an entertaining night on the town. As my field of vision expanded, I saw exactly where his car was parked.  She asked me if I was sure, and I said that I was very sure, because I used my vision to help me drive straight to his car.  I found it and left him a note on his windshield letting him know how I felt about being lied to.  She didn't quite understand my use of the word "video." I answered with, "You know Mom, like remembering a commercial on tv when you replay that commercial in your head.  This happens to you, right?"  My mom replied, "I see things because I've seen them before.  How did you know that he was not going to work, but to this club, and how did you find his car?  I said, "The video in my head."  That's when I realized I was doing something that I thought everyone could do.  After an intense discussion with my mom, I found out that my mom and I were not as alike as I thought.  Moments like this had happened before.  Then a flood of memories came to my mind.  I was always (and still am) asked to find things when I was little.  I knew people were coming for a visit before we even got the call.  My sister and I could play a card game in which we read each other's mind to "guess" if the card was red or black.  And I was THAT kid that yelled in a packed Austin movie theater, "Darth Vader is Luke's DAD!"  seconds before that famous line. 

The most important answer yet to be discovered was where did the information I was getting come from? 

That question was answered definitively in January of 2005 when my best friend, Elia, was killed in a headon car crash.   After her funeral I said a fervent prayer to God.  I was lost!  So many questions regarding why she was gone kept swirling in my mind.  I wanted to know why her life was over.  Two beautiful young daughters and a devoted husband were know having to find a way to navigate life without her strong, confidant presence.  I demanded (yes, demanded) that I be able to talk to her and hear back.  Since my life had been peppered with unexplainable and spiritual happenings, I knew that this request could be met with answers to my questions.   As my knees hit the floor beside my bed, I pleaded, "I don't want to just talk to her, I want to hear back!  I want to hear back from her, not just my words disguised in her voice, but HER actual responses."   I sobbed for a while, then climbed into bed and fell into a deep sleep.

After this passionate conversation I had the most amazing dream!  Elia, visited me in a heavenly place within a beautiful bank of clouds.  She was dressed in a dazzling white, shimmery dress.  Her face was so young looking and vibrant!  Her eyes were a warm brown and so loving.  She sat down with me at this table in the clouds, took my hands in hers, and said, "You have been a loving wife, a terrific mother, and a wonderful teacher. But, there is something else you're going to do."  This instantly perplexed me.  I asked her, "What, Elia?"  She looked at me and smiled.  Then I woke up.  When I sat up in bed I knew that she and I had talked for hours, because it was no longer ten p.m. at night when I first started having the dream.  It was past nine a.m. the next morning, and I sat up to observe a sun-filled bedroom and noticed that I had visited with my best friend for hours. 


I knew intuitively that my next purpose in life would be to share the gifts of mediumship and counseling with others.  A few weeks later her husband came for a visit.  I was able to hear her actual words, and I shared what she was saying to him.  I heard her say, "Get a shovel, go to the back yard, and dig a hole.  My tree...move my tree."  He confirmed that for a long time he kept promising her to move a tree she had planted when it was a seedling.  She asked him to move her tree because there was a power line right above the topmost branches.  No one but her and her husband knew about this task he promised to perform for her.  This communication was definitely from Elia. 


I love talking to people who are truly in need of my gifts as a medium.  I am very ready to try to connect you with your loved ones.  It has been proven time and again that this information comes from our loving and benevolent loved ones.  They still have a strong tie to us that continues to give, especially when we need them the most.  

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